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Surf 365 Ericeira is a family surf school, accredited by the Portuguese Surfing Federation, which was created to promote surf instruction. 

We work on the beaches of the Ericeira World Surfing Reserve and we are characterized by our personalized service, always looking for the greatest progression for those who seek us out.

All coaches are certified by the IPDJ (Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth). 

Above all   we prioritize safety and well-being in and out of the water.

We stand out for quality and service. We are open 365 days a year.



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João Rua

Founder of the school, João left a profession for 35 years to follow the passion of teaching surfing.


Filipa Romeiras

Natural of Ericeira, Filipa knows our beaches as the palm of her hands.


Pedro Rua

Son of João and raised in the waves of Ericeira, Pedro has many years of experience in competition. One of the most respected locals of Ericeira.

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Miguel Rua

Son of João, Miguel is passionate about the sea and teaching surf. Anyone who has had him as an instructor knows what we say.



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Kids Club

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